Classes / Personal Trainers

Classes / Personal Trainers

Here at Urban Sports Fitness we have a great range of classes, and an excellent team of Personal Trainers that can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Monday KIDS KRAV MAGA 17:00-18:00
 Tuesday BJJ & SUBMISSION GRAPPLING  19:30-21:00
Wednesday  TEEN KRAV MAGA  17:00-18:00
 Preparation exercise for MuayThai/MuayBoran’  18:30-19:30
MUAY THAI & MUAY BORAN  19:30-20:30
Thursday KETTLEBELL TRAINING 18:15-19:15
Friday BJJ OPEN MAT SESSION 17:30-19:00
Saturday BJJ OPEN MAT SESSION 13:00-15:00



On Winning Strategy/Muay Thai & Muay Boran call Master Lee: 07792618792

On Kids/Teen kraal maga call Russell: 07545959241

On kettlebell, submission grappling/BJJ call Urban Sports Fitness: 01926 314054


PERSONAL TRAINERSPersonal training

At Urban Sports Fitness we have a number of personal trainers that work out of the gym, using both the studio and weights room.

What ever your goals, it can be achieved here.


Rich Draper (PT): 07931432331

Martin Browne (PT): 07943 558254

My personal background in fitness was always about running fast! 100m and 200m mainly, until 2012, a bad injury saw my attention move to Weight Training and Body Building. Since then, I have put on 5 stone in muscle through high amounts of repetitions and large meals (not a bad thing when balanced). Weight training doesn’t have to be muscular men in a gym throwing big heavy weights around; it can be used very successfully for body transformation and fat loss if performed correctly.

I have been a Personal Trainer for six years and I absolutely love my job, mainly because I find helping clients reach their true potential so rewarding. It is amazing what you can achieve with the right structure and support! I have always had a very wide client base ranging from training people for the forces right to helping people recover from injury.

I am level 3 certified with an advanced knowledge in nutrition and program setting so I will ensure that your diet compliments all the work we do together. This will not be yet another fad diet, but a complete evolution of what you currently eat. Every change you make has to be sustainable and convenient for your current lifestyle.

No matter what your goal, I am committed to helping you achieve the body you always wanted by providing you with the right framework for success. You will constantly be pushed outside your comfort zone and be offered new challenges as you progress. It is the small changes you make over time, that lead to the best results.

Will Smith (PT): 07854 575312